Many Patients, particularly those in middle-class families will soon find that they will be expected to pay significantly out of pocket deductibles and co-insurance fees when they access the health care system. This added financial burden will be caused by two factors: first, the ACA requires the insurance companies to keep their premiums at a reasonable level; and second, small employers who provide health insurance as a benefit will elect to provide high deductible insurance in order to provide the least expensive coverage option or, if a large employer, to achieve ACA regulated premium levels.

The effect of this added burden will be an increase in the already significant debts that patients carry because of “out of network care” and laboratory add on services. It is also likely that many patients will delay needed care and present themselves when their disease is more advanced and care is more expensive.

Attorneys who concentrate on health care law will find that they must represent more clients who seek their counsel to obtain relief from huge health care debt.