Anger Management After Physician Employment Termination

Now that Physicians are employees of large systems they, like other highly compensated employees, are subject to employment termination. Employment termination comes as a shock, no matter what the circumstances. The normal reaction is anger.

Anger interferes with rational thought. To protect her rights the fired physician must manage that anger response. She must suppress anger, analyze the circumstances and determine a rational response.

How to defuse the anger response? The first step is to tell a close friend that you have been fired and explain why you are angry. You should limit the number of people you discuss your feelings with. Too many and anger may increase.

The next step is to force yourself to take an objective look at all documents related to the employment. You should read your employment contract. What does it say about termination? You should read any separation agreement the employer gave you. Does it explain why the employer fired you? Does it mention salary continuation, health care benefits and retirement accounts?

The next step is to ask yourself several questions. First, did the employer comply with the employment agreement? Second, does the employer treat you fairly in the separation agreement? If after rational thought, you answer either of the questions NO, you should seek the services of a health care employment lawyer.

The health care employment lawyer will listen to your story, analyze your documents and provide you with an objective strategy to protect your rights.