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Healthcare Employment Law is a subset of employment law as it applies to the medical community. The rapidly evolving healthcare landscape is causing a tremendous change in the industry for both healthcare providers & provider and provider organizations.

R.S. Hoover, Ltd.

Provides legal services to health care providers and individuals related to the health care industry both nationally & internationally. The firm is led by R. Sam Hoover, a physician attorney with significant legal expertise in the medical industry. Physician clients and other health industry workers trust Sam Hoover to provide them with practical advice on health care employment issues. Professionals in the health care and pharmaceuticals industries rely on Sam to help with the defense of malpractice claims, employment contracts, peer reviews, and government audits.  Sam reviews severance agreements and restrictive covenants and investigates wrongful termination claims. He provides defense against peer reviews and government audits, as well as prosecutes whistleblower & Qui Tam actions.

As a physician who practiced anesthesiology for twenty five years and health care employment law for more than twenty years, he brings a broad historical perspective which helps him provide a deep understanding of the trends in the health care industry and in particular health care employment issues.


With a clear diagnosis of the issues involved; and with personalized service, Sam Hoover will help you analyze and solve any complex heath care employment issue.

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It is patently clear that Covid is having a substantial impact on the Health Care Industry, not only for its impact on the daily lives of doctors and nurses, but for its present and future impact on laws related to health care employment. We previously wrote a blog...

The Absence of Due Process in  Physician Employment

The Absence of Due Process in Physician Employment

It may be that a physician's employment contract conditions employment upon becoming a member of medical staff. Covered by such a provision physicians may feel secure that their performance will be evaluated by peers on the medical staff, protecting them from unfair...

Our Practice & Who We Serve

Our Practice & Who We Serve

Health Care Law has become a highly specialized area of the Law.  Most physicians are now highly compensated senior employees of healthcare organizations. As a consequence, they are subject to very complicated and specialized employment contracts.  We have developed a...